some ranting

Dear Blizzard, please stop hard-selling me on an expansion that I wont be able to play for a year. It’s just cruel.

Last week I bought a really expensive mount that also came with a level 100 character boost. How many god damn times do these guys expect me to run the same raids, upgrade the same garrison, level the same followers, collect the same daily resources. I only ever play one out of the four 100s I have already.

So I guess I’ll do what I did last time and save it until the expansion becomes playable, which usually happens a week or two after the release date. Maybe I can use it on that new class oh wait… Would they even let me boost a demon hunter from level 95 to 100?

But you know what I fucking would pay extra for? A level 1 demon hunter, that I can actually play the majority of the game with. Yes I fucking get today that the whole game and all its players are completely focused on endgame and nobody gives a shit. I do though. I give a shit.

I really need to find me a proper guild. This game isn’t doing it for me as a solo experience any more.

I rolled another shaman, the fourth one by my count. Because at least while you’re leveling there’s a variety of environments and your power progression is rapid and noticeable. Your gameplay changes over time as you gain new abilities. And unlike the endgame you actually feel like you’re playing a small character in a massive world. My main toon is practically a god at this point when it comes to solo content.

And I think…. I think I just don’t like Draenor very much. Not the expansion, the continent. The whole place feels very sterile, like it’s a playground covered in soft foam so nobody could possibly hurt themselves. Is that what flying has done? I don’t remember feeling this way before. The game is still great, but somehow the world doesn’t seem compelling any more.


2 thoughts on “some ranting

  1. Oh, Anonymous, I can always count on you to call me on my shit.

    I don't think WoW has lost its magic any more than the MMO genre itself. Online worlds were amazing a decade ago, but these days people expect more. I think Blizzard understands this better than most companies.

    I see WoW's development now as being entirely focused on staying relevant in a world where most games don't force you “travel” between gameplay sessions or require you to manually assemble a huge group of people to just to play as intended.

    The only way to do this is to make the game fun. Worlds are atmospheric and inspiring and social; but they're not, in and of themselves, fun.

    WoW is still one of the most fun games I've ever played. It's definitely not the same as it was before, but still very fun.


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