I’m still angry

Currencies. I swear to god these days WoW has more useless esoteric currencies than a fucking pay to win mobile phone game.

item. fucking. levels. Who needs content when you can grind one kind of points to spend on a different kind of points? At this rate they wont have to make new raids ever again and we can just all upgrade our gear forever through endless repetitive dungeons and everyone will be happy.

Beta. It’s an unfinished game. Stop pretending that you’re doing us a favour by having us test it for you.

Even more radical class overhauls. Are we even “fixing” things now? I mean these aren’t just changes for change’s sake right? Right..?

I heard they are getting rid of Mistweaver melee healing. Seems like a logical decision considering nobody uses it these days. Although the reason for that might have less to do with player interest and more to do with the way they didn’t bother making it anything close to viable this expansion. Is that a self-fulfilling prophecy or was it a deliberate strategy?

Why in the distended anus of god fucking mother shitting christ are they giving hunters a melee spec? Out of any class? Not Mages? Not Warlocks, who actually had some melee stuff back in the day, not to mention that huge beefy demon form? Of all the competing development priorities that these bitches keep whining about, what other considerations were so bad that a melee hunter ended up seeming like a good idea in comparison.

What isn’t Blizzard telling us about melee that makes it so much more important than ranged? Every single new class has been pure melee (unless you count healing as ranged– I don’t) and now we’re actually losing ranged specs? What’s going on?


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