Forsaken spec

I used my boost on a Forsaken Hunter. I don’t know if I’ll end up doing any raiding, but I’m having fun running around Tanaan in greens never getting hit because Hunters are just that easy to play.

I’m also enjoying Survival before they remove the spec completely and attach the name to some new melee spec, which I suppose will probably make some attempt at thematic consistency to justify removing the other spec. I thought we didn’t care about classes all having exactly three specs now? Why are hunters losing a ranged spec when they don’t need to?

Maybe Blizzard is simply unable to tell an unbiased truth any more. Corporations, like a horny male on a date, always seem so very embarrassed to admit what everyone already knows their true purpose is.

Anyway if it’s anyone’s fault, blame those damn shareholders for forcing all the poor billion-dollar corporations to make compromises in the of name their selfish short term gains, which by coincidence happen to also be the corporation’s short term gains.


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