That which can be explained by incompetence

The only thing that makes you wrong is thinking you’re right.

People seem unable to accept how little control they have over the world around them. We invent so many insane childish rules just to resolve reality into some semblance of understandability. Reality will prove over and over and over until the end of time that nobody is immune to ignorance.

Pride precedes the fall. It doesn’t matter how much is at stake or how many people are relying on your decision. Sometimes you will fail. Sometimes you will fail in a way that nobody could possibly have anticipated. You might not understand why you failed. Maybe nobody will ever know why.

The universe is hard enough to understand that we often see genius in an improbable guess, once the guess has been proven correct. Guess right twice in a row and some people might start to think you’re magic. Guess right enough times and you might even fool yourself into thinking you’re magic.

Just try not to be wrong. Ever.

Because in the end we have only ourselves to blame for ever trusting someone who was in hindsight so clearly and deliberately wrong. People really need to learn to not be wrong so much of the time.

Today’s song is Time Cube by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives


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