In which a revolution is live-tweeted

Hassan approves of this message

Remember April 2017, when the youth officially turned on Pepsi. We will not be marketed to any more, they said. You misrepresent our culture and we do not approve.

Good for them. It’s a great story if it’s true. (You can google “pepsi ad 2017” if you want a better sense of the media narrative.)

I’ve found a lot of use for this sentiment recently; to say that something is a great story if it’s true. I said it about @RoguePOTUSStaff. I said it about Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp”.

It’s getting hard to know anything for sure. It’s like our society has learned how to doubt things, but not to resolve enough of them to be able to sleep at night.

The world will keep turning. Every day people learn new things, and we will eventually figure out new solutions to the things that keep us up at night.

We will learn that there are better things to believe in than lizard conspiracies and UFO abduction reports and corporate narratives and “authority”.


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