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Is a reassuring illusion better than the truth?

I see people over and over choose the illusion despite knowing better, which makes me feel less guilty about barely living in reality myself.

The illusion is you. You imagine what someone once told you was there, back when you were too stupid to question them, and now you’ve forgotten to question why it should exist in the first place. Blaming reality for not conforming to your expectations is a terrible excuse for not trying to improve your own understanding.

It’s easy to notice how many people are told they’re great, despite doing terrible things. You could conclude that our society is so superficial that it would be more effective to impose your point of view on people than to try and teach them to understand for themselves.

The reality is that diversity is always a strength. I don’t know any simpler way of understanding it. People who have the same background will tend towards the same style of thinking over and over until intellectual inbreeding sets in and diverse opinions become foreign and scary.

Individualism isn’t going to be punished by the universe itself– at least not directly. It provides its own punishment in teaching you to devalue the life experience and knowledge of people who are not you.


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