Robot overlords

First hot day of the summer. Turned the air conditioning on but it’s downstairs and my computer is upstairs. So.

What does it mean that Facebook knows me well enough to consistently predict and serve me with *useful* ads. I am both creeped out and… thankful? I mean isn’t that the goal of robots learning our behaviours? That they can help us (and the people who own them)?

It’s just… I mean isn’t human empathy basically an illusion anyway unless you believe in it? When am I safe to believe in Facebook’s love?

As I wrote this there was a knock on the door. A small frizzy-haired girl wearing a WWF lanyard offered me some patter but I shut her down before she could even clarify what her cause was because social anxiety says no.

So it seems like Facebook is the only way I can be reached these days. All hail.


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