trusting the government

I’m starting to suspect the people who complain that the government isn’t trustworthy are not actually the same people who keep voting for obviously untrustworthy politicians.

Is there such a thing as national therapy? We need that.

…let me try that again.

Okay so I see a spectrum of engagement with democracy. I see a group of people who notice that the government isn’t trustworthy. I see a group of people voting for untrustworthy politicians. How much are these the same people? Are there people who don’t understand that authorities can be untrustworthy? Are there people who believe that untrustworthy people are still qualified to run their society? Are there people who have lost faith in the idea of public trust and are following another value system like identity politics?

Mainly I see a lot of confusion about what exactly is happening in western democracies. Smart people are refusing to talk to each other because their identity politics puts them at odds.

If identity politics is the thing that people care about now I don’t see why more good people haven’t gotten on board with it yet. Seriously man, OPRAH. WE NEED OPRAH. I AM NOT EVEN FUCKING KIDDING HERE. OPRAH CAN LITERALLY SAVE THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.


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